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through the intersection of octavia and oak, and it had collided with a big rig. a few issues. one, we notice that there are no seat belts on shuttle buses. you have to imagine the full weight of a person being ejected from the shuttle bus then to be injured and killed by the of the vehicle. we may need a re-examination of the law that gives this. i think that seat safety devices should be required in the shuttle and in the public. it is something that if required for children on the shuttle buses, then there may be consideration that we do that four adults, too. just by the full magnitude of this accident in this area. octavia boulevard, as wonderful as it is, does, i think, have some unintended consequences. this would require an assessment, especially as traffic intersects with the arteries. there is the traffic that we directs itself on to the smaller streets and alleyways that tries to navigate around the arteries because of how congested those arteries are, as people are looking to come off of octavia boulevard or go on as they are approaching the highway. it is important that th
be a parade this year. there is going to be a parade every year. how big an organized it will be is a credit to many people who came together this year as never before. they were led by the next persons to address you. [applause] >> thank you. my name is lisa williams and i am the chairman of the pride board. i am pleased to be here. [applause] i am very pleased to be here to celebrate pride 2011. there were some challenges. folks like you step up. the board of directors stepped up. our staff stepped up. we're here today to pick up our celebration. i would also like to thank joa quin, paul, neighborhood services, the mayor's office and staff for supporting us from the beginning to the end. i also want to thank treasurer cisneros, supervisors campos, wiener, and all the others who called and asked what they could do for us. san francisco pride has had a strong relationship with the city. i also want to recognize former supervisor dufty who has been with us in the past and is currently with us now. [applause] i would like to express my gratitude to our fellow board members. we have a lot of n
learning from testimony. is it fair to summarize our big problems are house some questionable employers are behaving in terms of implementing this program, what that offer, the spirit of the law, so to speak, and the other being that some people, some employers, are not giving this money back to the poor are back to the employee? would it be fair to summarize the problems we are trying to tackle with this legislation as the way that some employers are implementing it and the fact that sometimes this money goes back to the employer? would it be fair to say the goal of the legislation is to make sure the money never goes back to the employer? >> yes. i think that despite a lot of complexity and nuances of the testimony -- you have hit it on the head that the intention is to make sure the money remains with and goes to the employee. it essentially redefines and clarifies the definition as one that irrevocably remains with the employee, rather than reverting to the employer. i think it can next to another comment associated with it. -- i think it comes next to another comment associated wit
right. president chiu, you looked so great, riding your bicycle up all of those hills. big city nights and those big city bills you were looking so right. making all of the budget come back, big city home nights and those big city bills and you were looking so right bring the budget bat b -- ack ♪ [bell] president chiu: thank you. next speaker is not. >> thank you -- next speakers. >> you may hear the seriousness in my voice because i am been victimized. many just give you one example over there. i want to make this clear to the city and county on record. i have been here in city hall for 20 years. i was upstairs in the media room before the earthquake, ok? now, i done made history. i made history, and now, they are trying to get rid of me. one thing is sure, i'm going to stand my ground. i am asking for a public hearing of what goes on in the press room. right now, i think you all know. the press room, that is part of city hall, and that is expensive real estate. back when real -- when willie brown was the mayor, he gave them the room. to see if there is quality. some got two realms
this morning on the big screen. we are live at moffett field and we are going to listen if on the press conference maybe ask a few questions and we'll have more for you at 6:45. reporting live jade hernandez. >>> commuters in the south bay who use the valley transportation authorities light rail system can stay connected on the go. the vta says free 4g wi-fi is now available on all of its light rail trains. the transit agency has been testing the service for about a week and it plans to expand the wi-fi service to its express buses by early next year. >> a lot of people will like that. >>> let's get you going out the door. tara, how is the bay bridge toll plaza look something >> the metering lights usually go on within next 20 minutes. there is only a slight back up in the cash only lanes. right now this is a live look. you can see it's not too bad as you make your way into san francisco. in marin county this is a live look at 101 near the 580 split. and in the east bay traffic in antioch on the bottom portion of your screen heading westbound to pleasant hill is getting a little congest
. it is not about antagonizing tour bus operators. on the other hand, enforcement is a big issue, and a big expense. women go to the pleas to part with any kind of enforcement, they are busy with other things. the final analysis tends to be more important. we want that goal to be met as well. then we have the whole business of police work, transportation, a tour bus work for transportation. we do not want to have that happen for limited resources. but there are some things that we can do -- and i am not the expert on tour buses. in my experience, when those things are design-related, the shape of the streets, places where buses go, we tend to have more success and less need for enforcement. to give you a probably bad example, parks and buses is an issue. staging for a tour bus would be different for a shuttle that comes by the neighborhood. of course, we are serving a different constituency. the shuttle bus is serving the residents who are choosing to live in san francisco and work somewhere else and return to the city as soon as they can. we do not want to discourage that. with the tourists, it is
development that works for every san franciscan. i think that remains a big issue. and balancing the budget will be a priority. has to be a priority. we will do that. we have done that time and time again. public safety is also something we are very interested in. it has to be a priority, because if we do not have public safety, nothing else works. one of the things we are focusing on is trying to focus on how policing works in san francisco. i used to be a member of the police commission, and i learned that the most effective community policing is the policing where you have the police and the community working together. it is important to have police officers on the street and have the police presence. at the same time, there has to be a connection within the police and the community. so, that requires -- also we have a focus on violence prevention. in the mission, we are focused on gang activity. we have to balance the very important work of the police would be very important violence prevention work -- with the very importance violence prevention work we're doing on the ground. so, publ
out more and more every day still about how hard it is to get a big size of a new -- a big size then you to succeed in that area. we have to have something special to get people in the area from all over the city to make a business succeed. for that, the support of the community-based organization like fillmore cbd is something that must -- that we have to be able to count on going forward. thank you. >> i just think the arts is so important in san francisco, and particularly the music. the music that combines us together, gives us souls, feeling, etc. i have been on the -- on teh -- on the s train. people wanted me to sing, and the driver said then we would have trumpets playing and no. i said that there seems to be an invisible sign around san francisco that says, "no dancing musicians allowed." i asked if he wants to kill all the artists. he says, "yes, but keep the athletes allied -- alive." i returned to that, and he said, "i did not say you should kill them. i was just agreeing with you." it is really like -- what? athleticism -- two weeks ago when you gave the park fundin
as the big-ticket item we have been discussing, talking about having a supply contract for wholesale supply with shell for a 4.5-year fixed term with the price is known in advance. i did not necessarily mean price a for all four years, but we know what the price is for the first year, what it is for the second, etc. we are also building into our expectations that we will have a rate stabilization amount included. we will have a small surcharge included in the overall bill. that is to make sure we can cover any fluctuations as well as start to build up a reserve to handle price changes that we might see in the future after we get to additional rolling out to more customers or further development of new resources. the new resource of the term sheet we have been negotiating permits resourced substitutions. that means we would be able to substitute resources we may be able to develop with resources already part of the shell portfolio. in addition, we are talking about having a customer enrollments strategy where we phase in new customers. new customers will be coming on line, so we can sync tho
. this was the venue that we were looking for that was not too big, that was going to be over our head, and yet it was big enough for us to get into the field and moving forward. i understand there is a lot at stake. we want to do the right thing. >> commisioner joseph: best of luck. >> a couple of questions. jt's thing in the application, with respect to the gentleman from the security company. do you do security at other places or music venues? >> yes. i am ed thistle. i have been in this city since 1996 and i have managed a couple of clubs have worked in, eight or nine different clubs before starting yojimbo. >> you have other clients in the city? >> we are at badlands, the starlight lounge, and other facilities. those are the primary nightclubs. >> i had a couple quick questions. the current venue as it exists, has it been troubled recently? >> shine is a small lounge and because of its location and demographic and its programming, we never had problems. we have no history of violence and no -- the only sound complete we had was six years ago. five years ago. even then it was a minor thing
completely abandoned the annual party? that is the big question. >> the annual party for the end of the year or the birthday party? >> the birthday party. >> the birthday party. >> no, i don't think that we have abandoned it. >> what about the elections? >> the commission decided to take it that we will calendar. >> welcome to this tiny little balcony. i am the acting city administrator. thank you. [applause] you may be wondering why someone who holds a job temporarily is co-hosting. i think is because i have announced by the lgbt community to hold this commission. [applause] i get the pleasure of meeting your here. we will move to the balcony. it will be much more professionally done than what i am doing. >> are we ready for the official flag raising? on behalf of the city, i have the distinct mayor as your plate -- mayor, and working with everyone here, and in celebration to let the world know what is happening in san francisco again. that is the celebration of changing the world and our culture in san francisco. i am so thrilled to be able to do this. it is a week of celebration. thank yo
to australia, australia is pretty big. you see things, and when you see things, you want those things to happen in our great city. so what i am saying plainly is this, while the impending very expensive traffic signals that take a lot of time to get the permits and so on, in the interim it is good to contact our senior citizens. we have a large population of senior citizens. it is good to contact schools and asked how children and their parents, the difficulties they have on san jose avenue, san bruno ave, which one of you supervisors know what happens there. something like putting uthis there will save many lives. so with this type of deliberation is giving to you about the flight in technology which takes years and years to be put in practice, we need to know in the interim what really has been done to save lives, because no price can be put on a life, especially a child like. thank you very much. -- especially a child's life. supervisor campos: thank you. colleagues, this is an action item. we have a motion. motion by commissioner wiener. second by commissioner avalos. can we go back to item
they would choose this beautiful pristine area to do them in was a big question. as soon as the coit tower was getting finished and someone put in the idea that it should be used for art, then, all of a sudden, he was excited about the coit tower. it became almost like a daily destination for him to enjoy the atmosphere no matter what the politics, that wasn't the point. as long as they fit in and did their work and did their own creative expression, that was all that was required. they turned in their drawings. the drawings were accepted. if they snuck something in, well, there weren't going to be any stoolies around. they made such careful little diagrams of every possible little thing about it as though that was just so important and that they were just the big frog. and, actually, no one ever felt that way about them and they weren't considered something like that. in later life when people would approach me and say, well, what did you know about it? we were with him almost every day and his children, we grew up together and we didn't think of him as a commie and also the same with the
to study a that is a big mistake you are making by ignoring the great alterative to that destructive master plan appear in if the well-designed alternative was adopted, to have a new small car and a renewed library sooner, for less community disruption and considerably less cost. we persevere and not to win, but rather, not to lose open space, and glorious trees, and opportunity for a new small part, a famous softball playground, news of our icons, and confidence in our elected officials. who doe>> this is the third pare seen us lose. the third part has less open space than any other district in the city as far as i know. when i was the organizer, we have an open space funds committed for the proposition at the time. and the city delayed buying it until it went up and out it is a condo. there is a place dedicated on top of the broadway tunnel. that we supported. and one day, the supervisors saw it is said that it could be housing. housing could be built anywhere. this was a really important civic space, dislike triangle park. we lost that, too. i was down to a meeting where some people were
the flow -- float in our charter, and that is a big distinction with the alternative proposal that is still being marketed by mr. adachi. it is important for you to know that. that distinction called vested rights. many cities across the country -- when they have not considered the employees' pension has a vested right, they get into legal trouble very quickly. that is why you see litigation around the country sponsored by employee groups who have never been consulted with, being demanded that they pay more into the pension, but there is no consideration of their vested rights. that concept is embedded in our measure were in good and bad times, we share, so they get something out of this reform. because they get something out of it, they are vested in it. the unions continue to view, as i do, that the alternative proposal being sponsored by mr. adachi does not consider vested rights and therefore will be litigated. in that litigation, there is a great chance in my opinion that the proposal will lose. i am not the city attorney, but if you ask the city attorney, as we have -- and we have tha
san francisco doctor killed and at least 3 others injured when big rig collided with a hospital shuttle bus today. it happened at the busy intersection of octavia boulevard and oak streeto during commute. uc sf psychiatrist d dr. kevin mack died after being injected from the shuchlingts he was thrown out of the vehicle. the shuttle did not have seat belts. something supervisor ross says needs to change. >> on all the shuttles as well as on muni should seat belt be part of that commuter experience in terms of that transit experience? and i would say that this particular incident helps tl spotlight that strong the consideration. >>reporter: it is still not clear which driver was at fault. one witness l tells sf gate the shuttle driver may have run a red light. >>> him if another em bearings undercover individual quo has surfaced in the ongoing battle between public defender jeff and san francisco l police union. only this time the tables have turned. if mark with the story and videotape. >> as private citizen jeff is leading the charge to revamp the city of san francisco p
. if you are a businessman in san francisco, it is pretty clear that no matter how big of a heart you have, you cannot take care of everyone in every way you want to. it is kind of like the homeless problem. you take care of 100, there will be 200 more. you take care of 200, there will be 300 more. that is why a lot of my colleagues in different parts of the country actually congratulate me and say, "san francisco, you are doing a hell of a job solving problems for us in the east, the north, and the south. keep it up. you have such a big heart. we are glad we do not live in san francisco." my final piece of advice is no matter how much we want to help everyone, we have to be realistic. we cannot solve everyone's problems. it is better to teach them to solve them themselves. supervisor campos: thank you. next speaker please. >> good evening. i am from the golden gate restaurant association. i am here today to talk about what i think is a way forward that will address the issues that have been raised, without the negative economic impact we have also heard today. one of the things that peopl
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 103 (some duplicates have been removed)